A location of insurmountable natural beauty, amazing landscape alternations, lush green mountain sides, deep valleys, gorges, streams, rivers, waterfalls. With the marvellous stone-built bridges, the biggest and most impressive in the entire Macedonia and two of the most beautiful rivers of Greece, Veneticos and Aliakmonas. With Byzantine and Post-Byzantine monuments and the paleontological findings of Milia, where parts of a prehistoric elephant living 3 million years ago were found.
The village Ziaka, the Cave, the Portitsa Gorge, which you can try to walk along in the summer season, the mountain Orliakas with its enchanting colours, the area of Valia Calda – meaning Warm Valley, the Vlach villages Avdella, Perivoli, Smixi, Distrato, Samarina,…everything is here.

The area of Vassilitsa lies in the western part of the prefecture of Grevena, which belongs to the geographical region of Western Macedonia. This area is mountainous, with large forests, an abundance of natural beauties, snow covered mountain tops, but also with many traditional villages at various altitudes.

In an enchanting setting in the north-western part of the prefecture of Grevena, at a distance of 42 km from the seat of the prefecture, in a setting composed of pine tries, beech trees and high “rombola” trees (Heldreich pines), above the village Smixi, is located the Ski Centre, one of the best in Greece, which offers the visitor a unique opportunity to come close to nature in a direct and unprecedented way.

Furthermore, the area lends itself to all kinds of adventure activities, as there are mountainous areas appropriate for climbing, rivers for water sports (rafting, kayaking) and a lot more.