Warm valley translation of “Valia Calda” the Vlach dialect.

Anyway this is an ecological paradise very close to our everyday lives. The verdant valley is revealed in all its splendor and this image is unique. The high peaks protective embrace a great life ark. Towering pines soar like Paschal candles skyward, bushes give dimensions in futuristic landscape with their strange shapes and beeches unroll the palette of the spring colors.

Everything is forbidden except for hiking and the collection of magical images.

Valia Calda is not just a beautiful forest, but an amazing, vibrant landscape, an important ecosystem. The uniquely beautiful images overflowing life.

Greek and foreign experts give the park a unique ecological and scientific interest because it combines the landscape of unique beauty with a rich variety of flora and fauna. They have counted 30 species of trees and shrubs with great interest, many of which are rare. Some even grow only here and anywhere else on Earth, such as the Centaurs Vlach which was named in honor of the Vlachs who lived in these mountains. Here visitors may have the chance to admire the fabulous beauty of Amanita muscaria, a poisonous red or orange mushroom commonly called “zourlomantaro”.

In the valley fly 78 bird species and among them rare raptors such as the vulture and the imperial eagle. Eight of the ten species of woodpeckers found in Europe are here. The star, however the highly rich in number of species rarity and fauna of the park is certainly the brown bear, one of the most endangered species. The whole area is perhaps the most important habitat of bears in our country. Other large mammals such as the chamois, deer, wolves, wild boars, otters, have found here one of the last refuges. Their presence, especially the bear and otter, certifying the environmental health. It is possible even the existence of lynx, the largest feline that existed in our country, the animal – fantoma, the disappearance or not covered by dense mystery.

The value of Valia Calda and the need to protect recognized not only by declaring it as a national park since 1966 and with the incorporation into the network of highly protected areas of the European Union.

Walking into the core of the park is benchmark Arkoudorema the creek flowing through the valley and make it even more idyllic. In this live two trout species. Within such beauty times leaving as the gurgling water of the stream. Search paths through the dense riparian vegetation of trees and willows, the stream passes over thick trunks, and the risk of losing the visitor orientation always present. So it is necessary to qualified mountain guide to enable someone who knows the place be left without side adventures in magic.

All this feast of the senses in Valia Calda is endless.